Life can be so difficult sometimes. You feel overwhelmed often and your mind is constantly filled with worries. You wish for the sense of calm and confidence that others seem to have. You work hard to please those around you, because you care deeply. You’ve begun to notice, though, that pleasing others so readily can mean letting yourself down. You’ve been told to “toughen up,” and that you should “just get over it.” You know it’s not that simple. You notice that you put a lot of pressure on yourself and that your inner critic can be really harsh sometimes. I have experience supporting people with a variety of issues, including anxiety, depression, childhood issues, addiction, adjustment issues, improving relationship dynamics, among others. I work using evidence based practices including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy, Motivational Interviewing as well as Psychodynamic, Attachment oriented and other therapies, depending upon my client’s goals and presenting concerns. People generally contact me wanting to work with an HSP knowledgeable therapist. I provide a safe, warm and nonjudgemental space and I partner with you to help you in reaching your goals. I believe that therapy is about finding your voice, learning and practicing new skills everyday, becoming mindful, gaining self-awareness and making shifts that can lead to a more satisfying life.


Parenting is already a tough gig, and it can feel even harder when you or your child is highly sensitive. Sensitive parents can struggle with overwhelm after having children due to the new level of noise, constant stimulation, sleep deprivation, activities and demands that come along with parenting. Parenting is nonstop and it can be quite draining for an HSP parent. There are things that you can do to make parenting as an HSP easier. Parenting a highly sensitive child can feel challenging for you both at times. The highs feel incredible and the lows can feel really tough. Your sensitive child is an empathetic, thoughtful, deep, complex little being that makes your heart swell with joy, and they can also have a meltdown that makes it clear their earth is shaking. Why didn’t anyone tell you that parenting would be this hard? You wonder if it’s this hard for everyone. You think your child’s temperament might be harder. Maybe your little one was more difficult as a baby, or maybe they are an extraordinarily intense strong-willed toddler, or maybe they have recently started attending school and they are struggling. They have huge emotions and you are not quite sure how to respond. Watching them struggle hurts you. Maybe you have researched online and read some parenting books, but you could still use additional support. As a therapist, I’m here to support you. As a parent, I’ve been there.


Adolescence can be a hard stage of life developmentally. Professionally, I have witnessed it being tougher on some highly sensitive teens in certain situations. Teens want to fit in with their friends, and want more and more space from their parents. Parents struggle with their teen pulling away, and teens can struggle to find space without hurting their parents. Peer pressure is tricky. It can feel hard to make choices each year as we get older: there are higher costs for our mistakes. I have experience working with teens as a school based therapist, a School Counselor, and in a clinic setting, supporting youth with issues such as anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, various academic struggles, being bullied, improving communication and relationship dynamics, perfectionism around school performance as well as a lack of motivation and truancy, and substance use, among other issues. In my private practice, I support teens ages 13+. Please contact me via email, text or phone if you have questions or you would like to schedule an appointment. Thank you.